Monday, 12 September 2011

Salt and Chocolate

Having an obsession with my nails, for many years I had been looking for a decent nail salon in London but, surprisingly enough, it was very hard to find. Then, right across my restaurant on Walton Street, Salt and Chocolate finally opened. Not only this is "decent", it is nail treatment in heaven. The girls are so friendly and kind and their skills and professionalism spot on. Moreover, Salt and Chocolate always hosts photography exhibitions on its walls including the works of Terry O'neill, Bob Carlos Clarke, Joseph Ford, Shlomi Nissim and Quin Murray. Also, Salt and Chocolate now stocks a fine selection of jewellery including Felder&Felder, Belle Sauvage, Jayce Wong, Susan Shi and Yuki Mitsuyasu. So chose one of the hottest new season OPI colours, seat back on the massaging armchair, one sip of champagne and enjoy that pedicure. That's what I call a treat! Art, jewellery, nail treatments-Love Salt and Chocolate!

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