Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Ristretto: Penny University

Pics are courtesy of the NY Times

Another great coffee company in London is Square Mile Coffee Roasters, who recently opened Penny University- their first ever coffee bar. Located in hip Redchurch Street, just off Shoreditch High Street, this is a very small place, consisting of a burnished wood counter with six stools in a warm if austere room. The decor is limited to a framed map of the world on the wall and the scuff patterns on the floor.
You will also notice that there’s no espresso machine, so if you want a cappuccino you’d better go around the corner : Penny University only offers brewed coffee. Yea, that's right. The concept of Penny University is to serve only brewed coffee, as owners believe that "brewed coffee has unjustly been overshadowed by espresso". Moreover they explain that "we will be asking guests occupying our mere six seats to appreciate the drinks served in their simplest, cleanest and most clearly articulated form." I personally love my brewed coffee, so I found Penny University fascinating! I dare you to try it out!


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