Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Everybody is Talking About: Chin Chin Laboratories

Let's face it...Lately it has been all about alchemy and new techniques of  contemporary cooking i.e. Mr Heston Blumenthal and the lot. Chin Chin Laboratories is Europe’s first ever liquid nitrogen ice cream parlour. An impressive ice cream factory with a touch of the Blumenthals, where the dense, silky, smooth ice cream is prepared before your very eyes in flavours ranging from mince pie, to the less conventional (though completely delicious) basil and crunchy olive oil.
Thanks to the super-fast freezing process, emulsifiers and extra sugars aren’t required, making Chin Chin’s ice cream mercifully light on the gut. Diminished calories aside, the sped-up freezing prevents crystals being formed in the mix, making Chin Chin’s some of the smoothest you’ll ever try. Before Fall settles in for good, Chin Chin Labs give you a great reason to visit Camden. However, please be aware as it is closed on Mondays.  49-50 Camden Lock Place.



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