Monday, 14 February 2011

Baity Kitchen

I know I haven't updated my blog for a while but I had a very good reason..The opening of my first eatery, along business partner and friend, chef Joudie Kalla. Baity Kitchen is our cosy deli restaurant situated on Walton Street, Chelsea. The concept behind it  was to serve high quality food inspired by our Greek and Palestinian backgrounds without any of your typical Chelsea frills. The atmosphere is always relaxed, our staff extra friendly and the food reminds you of mum's kitchen (Baity also means "home" in Arabic).Open seven days a week, our menu changes on a daily basis according to seasonal ingredients and the chefs' inspiration. Among favourites, you will find Sayadieh (yummy marinated cod with cumin rice and a yogurt-tahini dressing), Pastitsio (Greeks' answer to Lasagna), White truffle macaroni and cheese, Gemista (peppers, tomatoes and aubergines stuffed with rice in a rich tomato sauce), Mjadarra (puy lentil with basmati rice, caramelised onions, pomegranate and rocket) and the list goes on...Not to mention the signature choc chip scones, the brownies, the choc cookies and the lemon meringue tarts. I look forward to seeing you all there!


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