Saturday, 17 December 2011

Lily Vanilli

Having temporarily relocated to the hip East End, I decided that my mission should be to explore and discover as much as I could about this constantly evolving part of London. My latest obsession is Columbia Road on a Sunday! Especially during this festive season, when everything is so nicely decorated and the street smells of mulled wine and Christmas trees being sold at the flower market. Among the cutest little shops, I came across a courtyard with even more cute shops and an incredible bakery: Lily Vanilli. The place was packed with people enjoying hot drinks and marvellous cakes indoors as well as outdoors. Obviously I gave into the temptation and left with a selection of cupcakes, the most AMAZING triple choc brownie ever and a decadent chocolate and sour cherry cake. I also set my eyes on the fresh mince pies that had just come out of the oven but "luckily" enough I had no more cash on me. The only downside about this place is that it only opens on Sundays, as most of the shops on the street. However, you can pre order anything you want, customise your own cake and also have them cater your tea party.


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