Thursday, 17 June 2010


For a different night out, you have to visit this innovative combination of West End cocktail bar and London cabaret restaurant set in vibrant Covent Garden. This London performance restaurant boasts a stylish surrealist interior created by iconic British designer Tom Dixon, which transports you into a decadent world of glamour and escapism from the moment you enter. As day turns into night this Covent Garden cabaret restaurant really comes to life and the spectacle begins as diners sip exotic punches and cocktails. After dinner, the adventures continue with the distinction between performer and audience blurring as the stage opens to the brave. The friendly staff will encourage you to dance on a large communal table or try your luck at pole dancing. Circus the late night cabaret bar means diners and drinkers alike can relax for an entire evening, with a seamless transitions from bar to dining room to dance-floor. Best time to visit Circus...Friday night! Hope you enjoy!


Allan Olson 9 April 2013 at 21:04  

After reading that this Covent Garden was designed by Tom Dixon, I’m not surprised why its design looks astonishing. I’m a big fan of Tom Dixon designs, especially with his innovative and robust design of furniture. His furniture can turn any commercial interior into a fabulous one. #Allan Olson

Clayton Steadham 7 June 2013 at 21:08  

I never expected that this place was a restaurant. It looks like a room in a first class hotel or the lounge of a big company. Well, I can say that the designer was so artistic in their approach. I'm looking forward to see more of his creations. I hope he can also design my office interiors, if possible. :)

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