Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Newspeak Exhibition at the Saatchi Gallery

Saatchi's notorious 1997 Sensation exhibition, made him king of London's art scene and signaled a whole new era for contemporary British  art. Tracey Emin, Damien Hirst and Marc Quinn are only a few of the  British artists to mention, who now rule the international art world. Thirteen years onwards, Newspeak is Saatchi's biggest exhibition since, and is meant to prove that Brit art is far from over. However, this is a much less outrageous affair than its predecessor and aims to start a new era yet again. As Newspeak features so much art, it has had to be split into two parts. The first part opened end of May and the second one will open in October. If you love your art, this exhibition shouldn't be missed. Once you have visited the exhibition, I recommend that you have lunch, coffee or a drink at the gallery's Mess Caf√©/Bar. Great surroundings and some of the coolest people in town.


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